About Me

Yiting Wang CV


Hello! I do communication related research and teach at University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.

Everyday, I like to observe online visual activities and think about what’s behind them. For example, TikTok videos, Danmuku, or emoji… Then I write about them. My major focus now is people’s self-presentation and/or performance online via visual data (e.g., video or short video).

I major in communication but work across disciplines. I study visual social media, performance studies in communication, indigenous Chinese theater, and language & translation (ENG-CHN).

I started teaching English to local children since I was 18 and became a translator-by-training during college. Before fully engaged with research training, I was involved in/as management and entrepreneurship (co-founded a startup in translation business for artists), performance producer, project manager and editor. I was also once an assistant stage manager.

I code with Python, and occasionally, R.


  • PhD Candidate, Communication and Information Sciences, UH Mānoa*, 2023
  • MA, International Cultural Communication and Management, NACTA**, 2018
  • BA, International Cultural Communication, NACTA, 2015
    • * University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
    • ** National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts